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Art Pops {by Roben-Marie}

I had the pleasure of being asked to create samples for a new product by my friend, Roben-Marie Smith.  Roben-Marie is a wildly talented Mixed-Media Artist who has taken some of her art work and incorporated it into little "pops" or cards.  As an artist and a scrapbooker, I always love when a product can crossover and be used for both.  When my package arrived, I instantly knew I was going to have a hard time settling on what to do with these little babies!  The possibilities are endless . . .

Art Pops come in sets (pictures at the end of this post) that are the perfect size for Project Life type journaling.  The quality is outstanding, the colors are vibrant, and they have a lovely matte finish so they are easy to write and paint on.  After much playing around, I decide to settle on a project where I could use all of the cards together and create a little book. {Of course, one of the packs are named after me - so I'm a little partial!}

My inspiration came from the cards . . . when I look at them, they just make me happy.  So that's where I started:

I added the word "happy" to this 4 X 6 card and used it for the cover.  I decided to add some soft gel medium to add texture and layers, which the card took very well.  As a mixed-media artist, I love how art work "feels" as well as how it looks.  Roben-Marie's cards are so beautiful and can easily be incorporated into your own art work.  You can see how the gel medium added a beautiful, bumpy finish to the smooth card. It's as if it came printed that way:


I created the cover using a Tim Holtz distressed book cover and the pages are made from a variety of Roben-Marie's different cards and some scraps and tags I had on hand. Here are some examples of how versatile these Art Pops are:

You can sew on them and attach a smaller (3x4) card to the bottom of a 4x6 card and make a pocket:


 I also love how some of the sets are left blank in the middle for journaling, and, as shown below, I cut out the center of one card to make a frame for my photo:



The colors are spectacular in these Art Pops and both sets work well together.  Because there are so many colors in her artwork, you can use any scraps of paper for matting or place your pictures directly on Roben-Marie's cards.  They add just the right amount of "pop" to make your pictures stand out. The quality and weight of Art Pops is perfect for art journals and scrapbooking.


 On the page below, I simply slit across the to of the journaling window and ahered the card to another card in the back to create a slot to slide a tag in.  I love the effect!


I never ran out of ideas, alternating the different cards and turning them in different directions.  They hold up well to stitching and the weight of adding ribbons and trim.

I'm really happy with my chunky, textured little book and I adore Art Pops by Roben-Marie!



Want some more?  Hop on over to Roben-Marie's blog {HERE} and find out how you can get your own set of Art Pops.  She also has links to some other amazing artists who have put their own spin on Art Pops.  Prepare to have your mind Popped!!!






I LOVE my friends.  I am so blessed to be surrounded by the most amazing women on the planet.  Each one of them bring something so special to my life and I can't imagine my world without a single one of them.  I have a lot of artsy friends and tend to hang out with creative people, but one very special circle in particular is a local group of professional women.  We all met and became friends through our children.  That was our common link, but we remain friends because of our love, respect and understanding of each other.  Once each month, we get together for a 'Girls' Night In" where we have dinner together and spend a couple of hours playing in my studio.  These women love the art!  They have told me how relaxing it is for them in their hectic lives.  They've used words like "therapeutic" when describing our evening together and the most amazing part to me is that each of them bring their own style to every project.  They are quick to remind me when I forget to schedule our monthly get together and they get excited when we head into the studio for the "reveal" when they find out what we're making that night.


 I thought I would share this month's project.  I try to theme each get-together and since each of us have a child who is a senior in high school, we all have chicks leaving the nest . . .

I have an obsession with birds in my art . . .


I can't get enough of these Tim Holtz Die Cuts.
I love the tattered, shabby look and always try to add vintage sheet music and old book paper into my mixed media art.


Lovely Sus!  She actually is extremely artistic and trained professionally in oil painting.


Sweetheart Cathy!  Teacher, Curriculum Coordinator and amazing mother!


Our cheerleader of the group, Denise, who is a photographer!


Awesome Deb, High School guidance counselor!


Smiling Shirley, amazing golfer and all-around athlete!


Hilarious Rita! Our French Canadian beauty who keeps the conversation lively!


Crazy Berit, attorney at law!


Berit's interpretation of the project - so beautiful!


I loved this project . . . and did I mention, I LOVE MY FRIENDS???