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Life is not merely a series of meaningless accidents or coincidents, but rather, it's a tapestry of events that culminate in an exquisite sublime plan." ~ from the movie, Serendipity

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Paper Paintings

I had the extreme pleasure of taking a class a few months ago with Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson.  If you haven't seen her work, give yourself a treat and go to her online gallery to see her amazing work.  Elizabeth creates collage pictures using papers that she has painted herself.  Being a texture person, I was immediately drawn to the bumpy surface and variety of papers used to create these paper paintings. During her class, she had each student paint a "simple" apple.

Here is my underpainting to start with . . .

And here is the completed project! Very Cool!

I was so inspired by this technique, I just had to try it again.  I started out painting various papers (sheet music, book paper, shopping bags, envelopes, art tissue and rice paper).  I used fluid acrylic then splattered and stamped and swirled designs in the paper. This paper is then torn into pieces and fitted together to cover the underpainting. There is something very relaxing and therapeutic about piecing together these colorful papers - almost like working on a jigsaw puzzle.  I love the process of how these paintings come together.

I decided to venture out a bit from the "simple" apple and paint a couple of little birdies on a wire.  The substrate is a 12x12 wooden cradle, sketched first and then painted for values only. Here's a few examples of the process . . . I {love} how they turned out.

My palette . . .

The underpainting . . .

The background progresses . . .

And the finished project . . .

Warning:  this is a completely addicting project!

Have a great week!


Mixed-Media Essentials Blog Hop!


The highlight of my month has been creating with a brand new rubber stamp set, "Mixed Media Essentials" by Roben-Marie Smith.  I was honored to have been asked to be on her Paper Bag Studios Design Team, and especially to be included with such an amazing group of talented artists (see list below).

When the stamps arrived, I couldn't wait to rip into the package and get busy!  Every design in the pack is so clever and reminds me of random doodles and scratch marks that are so common and useful for a lot of mixed-media artists.


I created several backgrounds and stamped each image over and over, then decided to start thinking outside the box.  My right brain really took over, especially when this guy emerged . . .

I love the whimsical aspect of these stamps and my "work" quickly became "play!"


It was easy to incorporate the stamps into my traditional artwork and I love the whimsy and playfulness of the images.

I love how perfect these images are in the backgrounds of my sketches and paintings.  They are great for creating texture and dimension or as the focal point of the artwork (shown in the tags below). The word stamps, "fly" and "wish" are also from Paper Bag Studios.

I've been thrilled to be included in this design team project and if you just have to have a set of these stamps of your own (and you know you do), you can purchase them from Paper Bag Studios here.

Leave a little love below in the comments section and become eligible to win one of three mixed-media grab-bag kits from Serendipity Studios! I hope you've enjoyed the designs!

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{all I have to do is } DREAM

It's Focus Friday again and this week I focused on the word "Dream."  Not so much on making dreams, but more on fulfilling dreams. Like others, I have dreams.  Big, big dreams; and this week, one of my dreams came true.  I was proactive, dipped my toe in the water, so to speak, then dove right in!   Yep, big dreams are happening around here!

Happy Weekend Ya'll!!!


I'm on a Design Team! I'm on a Design Team!

Excuse my excitement, but I have been asked for the very first time to be a part of a Design Team!  I am honored beyond words {along with some trepidation} but I take this challenge seriously and I can't wait to dig in!

I am proud to be working with Roben-Marie Smith and her new line of rubber stamps from Paper Bag Studios.  Here is the task:

I get to create four pieces of art - anything I want - using this amazing set of stamps . . .

(photo cred - Roben-Marie Smith)


The possibilities are endless.  Go on over to Roben-Marie's blog and see what she has already been creating and stay tuned here to see my contributions on May 1st!


Mail Art Monday

This week's mail art was created using a roll of Dollar Store craft paper wrap and some left over scraps, doilies and washi tape from my work table.  Once I finish a project, I try to use up everything I can so I incorporate even the tiniest bits into tags, cards and mail art.  It's fun to see the end result!

Using the pile in the picture above, I created these . . .

It's such a great feeling to know your mail art has made the difference in someone's day!  I got this sweet post on FaceBook from my good friend Liz Hicks who received her mail art from me!  Mission Accomplished!

From she who knows me best. A sweet mail day from @lorrainebell. — with Lorraine Conte Bell.

{photo cred:  Liz Hicks}